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803Z7  This cow was sired by LTD of Brinks . LTD (Bottom Right Photo) sold for $50,000 and is a  son of Csonka of Brinks. This Cow has better than average in eight of nine  EPD’s. The Grand Dam MS BRINKS CEO 803R24 cow was purchase from Camp Cooley Ranch in 2007 and has produced many show winners progeny’s. Her Great Great Grand Dam Lot 1799—A high selling Bred Cow, Ms Brinks Ali 803M, sired by Ali of Brinks 209J2, sold to Cain Cattle Company from Wiggins, MS, for $50,000 on Nov 21, 2008. This donor cow has produced 96 Progeny.

This 803Z7 cow is bred to Atlanta of Salacoa 488Z shown in photo left below the description. The paragraph below gives some details about this great bull.

A stand out in any crowd should sum up this bull’s credentials. Purchased for $55,000 at the Suhn Cattle Company Sale, he exemplifies power from end to end with ideal sheath design and spring of rib, superb width and dimension of top-line that carries into a rear quarter that exhibits tremendous dimension and thickness. With the profile of a power bull you would not expect an EPD package that would have your reflecting on calving seasons with uninterrupted sleep while also relishing in the fact that your calf crop would smash down on the scales and weigh like lead. He had a 72# BW that ratioed 88, AWW of 716 to ratio 120 and did not slow his pace as he posted an AYW of 1249 to ratio 113 against strong competition. He also recorded an AREA of 15.81 to ratio 116. He then computes a spread from BW to WW to YW that ranks in him the top of the breed for those traits. His dam records 25 progeny thus far with an ABWR OF 95 and an AWWR of 100 and an AYWR of 101. Owned with Double W Ranch.

AIed to Atlanta

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